About us

Us in Mojacar, Andalucia

Aroa and Felix in Mojacar, Andalucia

Who are we?


Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain Aroa, with just 19 years, is an icon in pop-culture. Appearing on billboards and magazine covers worldwide her looks have made her a face that is not seldom recognized.

Well, maybe not quite (yet?). Aroa is the compassionate, caring, funny, (more than) a little clumsy, multilingual girlfriend of Felix. She has lived in Spain most of her life, with a brief one year stint living in Germany. Speaking four languages fluently (Spanish, Catalan, English and German) with a fifth in the works (Japanese) she is the communications expert of the pair.

Going to Australia just after finishing her High School meant she needed to take her University Courses via correspondence. She is studying Art History at UNED.


Born in the provincial Moosburg in Bavaria, Germany Felix grew up in the mountains and valleys of Bavaria. He later escaped his Bavarian roots when his parents gave him the opportunity to move to Sydney, Australia when he was 9 years old. He would go on to live the next 9 years in Australia, completing his schooling there.

At this point he moved back to Germany to pursue a Degree in Bioinformatic. He did not like it.
After one semester struggling with the intricacies of organic chemistry he decided to look elsewhere. Looking for a versatile degree, with a focus on Technology, Felix enlisted in the army of students studying Management and Technology at the Technical University Munich. After six semesters of juggling University with various part-time jobs and later programming an Application for Windows he completed his degree.

Now he wants to join the workforce and finally become a productive member of society. But first, he just wants to travel and see the world. 🙂


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